Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A sneak peak into Landon's first birthday party!

I can't believe it but my precious little baby is turning ONE this June. I am so excited to have a big day to just celebrate him and what a wonderful, sweet little blessing he has been in our lives and so many others'. We are having a big barbecue & pool party outside on our sundeck with lots of food, beer, games, & cake and I am SO excited for it. I have been thinking about all sorts of ideas for the big day but don't want to give away too much, so here's a sneak peak of what's in store! ;)

1. Landon's going to get his own little smash cake to go to town with and I just made his cake topper yesterday:

2. Still trying to decide what cupcakes to make for everyone else. Top contenders are:
For those of you who don't know, landon loves dinos. This would also be nice because his baby friends can clean off and take a new dinosaur toy home with them

this idea is probably more for me - i love Disney's "Up" and think this would be SO cute! 

enough said. these little hoots with oreo eyes are sure to be a hit 

3. Games: First will be a water balloon toss. Second will be a "How Well Do You Know Landon" trivia game. I have good prizes in store for the winners!!

Okay that's all you're getting (for now)....Check back in for some more photos of my DIY crafts after my trip to JoAnns this week and as we get closer to the date I will take pictures of the awesome food and drink creations I have planned as well as decor items :)

Fab Finds

1. Phoenix station on Pandora. It's awesome, I pretty much have it playing nonstop when I'm @ home working or anytime I'm at my computer. Give it a go.

2. Modcloth.com. I just found this site & I am a little obsessed. I have a hard time buying anything for myself nowadays but I love browsing around. Love thisthisthisthisthis, & this
Also their tops: thisthis & this
And their bottoms: thisthis, & this
And This bathing suit

3. Uncommon Ground. This restaurant in Wrigleyville uses seasonal, locally produced, family farmed, & organic products whenever possible. Drinks are from local brewerys plus some unique organic vodka drinks. Not only is organic better for you but it tastes SO much better too. Another plus, this place also has live music performances & outdoor seating.

4. Anthropologie's Home Department -- here are just a few of many faves: these teacupsmirrorbeddingthis little rugwall mirroradorable bowleven their dish towels are adorable, & i can't even handle it.

5. Spring nail polish -- Topless & Barefoot by Essie. Goes with everything and professional enough to wear to work too :)

6. Lulu's. love their sweet lace shorts & skirts here & here.
this fun summer dress
oversized clutch -- i think this may just have to be my mother's day gift this year

7. Cute new cloth diapers! -- Under $20 prints! These are the new artist series 4.0 by Bumgenius and only $19.  Just bought Free Spirit and Concrete Jungle for Landon. They have 2 inserts so they are super absorbant, no leaks, great for nighttime, and so stinkin' cute. As you can see below, Honeybunny is quite happy in them too.

Other diapers featured on baby landon are all-in-ones Marvels by Kissaluvs found here

Sunday, April 24, 2011

What are you doing tonight???

Enter Fanfound. The place to go for free and discounted tickets for all live entertainment. Like a Priceline or Hotels.com but strictly for entertainment, Fanfound gets unliquidated ticket sales from venues to the people for significantly reduced fees. I'm a little partial because this is my husband's company, but it seriously is brilliant. They just launched a couple weeks ago here in Chicago and are soon expanding to New York, California, & Boston. Not doing anything tonight or don't have any plans this weekend? Go to Fanfound.com and sign up for your free membership to view upcoming concerts, comedy acts, sporting events, theatre, and much more!


Here are some photos from the last week of April and Easter. We had some milestones this past week - Landon started to self-feed, as well as standing and "surfing" while holding onto something, he became the proud owner of 6 full baby teeth, & he is becoming quite communicative - "mamama" when he's hungry and "da da" when he wants to play.
Behaviorally... he cries hysterically if you take anything away from him that he's playing with. He gets jealous when I hold other babies. & he likes to take other toys away from other babies. I think I've got a little bully on my hands. I'm trying to teach him "No." 
He goes to bed around 7 every night and wakes up @ 5 every morning. We love our morning ritual together ..... starts with a good bottle, followed by a diaper change & clothing change, then he sits on my lap and i rock and we stare at each other for the better part of half an hour until the sun comes up, then we go into the bedroom and say good morning to dad, then I make coffee while honeybunny plays with his toys and watches a favorite cartoon show ... these currently include Martha Speaks, Curious George, Dinosaur Train, Sesame Street, The Cat in the Hat, & Word World.

passed out with his favorite puppy Champ

just snacking on some avacados

this is how it started

the line-up...
was it Blue the build-a-bear, Champ the Syberian puppy, the crazy rooster, or Scout?

Landon's First Easter

& his dapper polo shirt & vest from Aunt Lorrie :)

storytime with dad

My Boys

Fatherly Love 

The Two Loves of My Life.

Thanks for the sick head band uncle Kevan!!!

on our way back from Easter lunch

playing with the new camera feature on my (finally) upgraded iphone

learning how to stand with dada

I love these two.
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