Sunday, June 26, 2011


Quick weekend recap - a very much needed restful and relaxing weekend. Stayed in & got to bed early both nights...It was the first weekend in a long time we had no big plans and it was wonderful. We looked at cars on Saturday (yes, we are trading in for a more family sized SUV:) and putzed around a street fair where I snagged these cute new dish towels:

Today (Sunday) we went to church & listened a great message. Check out other amazing messages here & here (they're lengthy but so worth watching). Then we went outside to bask in the sun and watch some baptisms in the pond and Landon started (really) standing all by himself. It was kind of a big deal. 

 you can really just fast forward to the last 10 seconds (1 min 50 sec mark).

i know...he's pretty cool.

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