Monday, December 19, 2011

Honeymoon slash One Year Anniversary Trip in Kaua'i [image heavy]

on our way!
first morning waking up with the roosters & birds to the Kaua'i sun
The Grand Hyatt
Our creepy little friend who joined up for breakfast every morning
margaritas + pina coladas by our salt water lagoon
my hammock
new shades
Shipwreck rock/beach
the most insane rainbow i've ever seen coming from our hotel
annnd it gets better
oh hello again
early morning hammock time
hammock time!
scuba time :)
sharing dessert @ Tidepools
Spouting Horn....a natural "geyser"that shoots ocean water out of an ancient lava tube
biker chick
Napali Coast
giant lily pads
Wailua Falls
Sugar cane
scoot scoot
beautiful sunsets over Poipu Beach
Wailua Falls
Opacka Falls
The hidden path to the hidden waterfall
the hidden waterfall
about to jump
"i can't do it!!!"
then taking the plunge like an amazon woman
the Kilauea lighthouse on the northern-most point of the island
dry cave
View of the Forbidden Island
@ our first Luau
Chris up on stage where they messed with him for about 30 minutes
driving west to check out the US Missile Base
on the drive out west
@ the end of the road out west we parked our car and hiked through a few sand dunes to reach the most beautiful beach i've ever been to with gorgeous views of the napali coast you can't see by car
totally remote & unpopulated where we frolicked around like two crazy kids without a kid
beach bum
the sand dunes
little bodies
on the way back to go surfing for the rest of the afternoon
first time ver seeing a black swan
on the drive up north to go hiking
this was the most insane hiking trail ever. felt like we were in indiana jones climbing rocks and streams and crawling through caves...for the record we only went 4 miles to Hanakapiai Beach then went back bc there was no way we were going back in the dark. but it's on our bucket list to be back to hike the whole 11 miles
about 2 miles in
of course
about to take a digger
totally bit it
random caves
what do ya know
the beach. Seriously read this:
to date, 83 visitors have been killed
last day in Kaua'i, private cabana on Shipwreck beach. topless in the sun? don't mind if i do.
Last moments in our hotel
my sad little hubby....even mexican food couldn't cheer him up.
sad puppy dogs on the plane ride home
Christmas tree @ LAX
the real us

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