Tuesday, January 17, 2012

instagram pics

There's not much I love more than a clean, soft baby with the scent of Johnson's shampoo & Burt's Baby Bees Calming Moisturizing lotion sitting on my lap.....best!
 Someday I'm going to miss this view.
 Welp, it's starting already...."mom, give me the keys i'm goin out!"
 @ the Children's Museum...a pretty lazy firefighter
excavating some dino bones.
doin' a little food shopping.
more cartin' around. business as usual. he's very domesticated.
I'm sure he will get mad at me someday for taking/posting all these barenaked shots of him but who doesn't love a little baby tush tush???
Spending most of his days @ his Toy Story 3 Playtable. 
In case you were wondering: yes, he is expanding and taking over the living room now.

I'd wager I spend 90% of my days cleaning up after this little tornado. As you can see he's quite pleased with himself.
Tired little angel. ♡ him.

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