Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Weekend

A quick recap of our crazy busy weekend:
Thursday night was swamped with work but had a long lost friend from college come over with her boyfriend (slash boss) while they were in Chicago for work. Turns out they were right next door to us actually. Opened a few bottles of wine and cheese & crackers & had a really fun night chatting & catching up after 6 years of no-contact.
Friday went to a "homemade pizza & beer tasting" party over @ Tristan's mom's place which was really awesome and totally inspired me to host a party like that in the future.
Saturday afternoon we took Landon to his first concert @ the Chicago Bluegrass & Blues Festival :) We have a very musically inclined child....he's got some pretty sweet dance moves up his sleeves too. He has a nice "sway" and can also get realll low. I will have to post a video so you truly understand how amazing it is.
Saturday night Lizzie came up to chill with L while Chris and I went out to celebrate Chris' 31st birthday with friends. We went to this place Fifty/50 and had the whole second floor rented out and had a blast. Of course I got carried away with all the birthday props.
Sunday consisted of The 3 R's: rest, relaxation, & recuperation. Chris got up with Landon in the morning and I slept in until noon! Holy begebees. And NO, I only had two glasses of wine on Saturday night. This mama was TIRED! Boy did it feel good. The rest of the day was filled with Madagascar, yoga, laundry, cleaning, cuddling up to The Good Wife....which leads me here.
I didn't take any pics on Thursday or Friday but here's a photo dump of Saturday's concert & birthday party:
Landon's first VIP bracelet
"dad, this band's pretty good huh"

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  1. oh those pics of your little man & his daddy hanging out at the concert is so cute!

  2. Thanks for sharing this post, excellent


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