Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simple diy Valentine's Day home decor

What You'll Need:
  • 5''x7'' white frame ($3.00 at Target). (But of course you can make these any size you want).
  • Valentine's Day or Easter inspired scrap book paper (.16 cents a sheet from Joann's)
  • glue (or tape, or small mounting pads)
  • scissors
  • Using a scrap piece of paper, make a heart cut out. If you have a heart hole punch that's awesome, use it. If not, the best way to do this is to fold your piece of paper in half and draw half the heart and then cut and unfold so both sides are even. 
  • Take your heart cut out and trace on the back of the scrapbook paper (so you don't have visible pencil lines) and cut out. You want 12 hearts if you do a similar sizing to mine...perhaps more if your hearts are smaller.
  • Arrange your hearts on a white piece of 5'7'' paper. 
  • Glue/tape/mount hearts down & insert in frame. 
  • Hang or mount on your door, kitchen, wall, or anywhere you please & feel the L♡VE!


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