Sunday, March 18, 2012

Beach Babes in March?

Umm's 80 degrees and sunny on March 18. Yes, I love this weather. Yes, I am pumped spring (summer?) came early. And yes, Landon & I were geared up to hit the beach at 8am this morning, but honestly, am I the only one a little freaked out by this?? I'm calling a 150 degree heat index with molten lava showers this summer. And I'm also pretty sure the Mayans got it right. #12/21/12

In any event.....I'm sure you are dying to know how I spent this beautiful day:

7am: Woke up on my own while L was still fast asleep. Showered, made coffee, checked email. Packed lots of snacks & sand toys for our big day of fun in the sun.

8:30am: On our walk to the beach when I made a last minute executive decision for some playground fun first.

11am: That turned out to be an excellent decision because after 2 hours of running around, sliding, swinging, exploring, & flirting, Little L was passed out by the time we arrived @ the beach & I got to bask & relax in the sun for a good 45 minutes. Mwahahaha. #Secretsofasupermom.

12pm: The little monster awakes and has no idea where he is and is totally freaked out by the sand. I like this because he wants to sit on top of me and holds onto me like he really loves me.

12:30pm: I plop him down on the beach towel in front of a bucket of water and toys and he forgets about his fear of the sand and splashes his life away for a good couple hours. And he eats. And eats, and eats, and eats. The kid had the appetite of a truck driver and it was the first day ever that I ran out of food for him. But we had a sweet little picnic and he lovingly shared his snacks and it was then I knew I was raising a true gentleman.

2pm: The babes start to clear out and in swarmed wild adults with beers and footballs and we decide to call it a day. Got home at 3 and Landon went down for another nap and is still sleeping right now.
Oh, and my forehead is sunburned. In March.

So when my beach buddy wakes up I'm thinking we might go down to our sun deck and grill out for the first time this year...or maybe we'll hit Chinatown for a mama-son dinner date and some 'goons.


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