Monday, March 5, 2012

A Sneak Peak Into L's Second Birthday Bash

I am well aware that it's 3 months away but I have tons of ideas running already for Landon's Second Birthday. I actually swore the morning after his First that I wasn't going to throw another party next year...but here we are and I'm pretty excited. I definitely do not want it to be as extravagant, costly, or as stressful as last year's was, but am hoping to make it more chill, like your every day backyard barbeque.
Here are my thoughts so far, thanks in large part to Pinterest (follow me!) Going back and forth as to if I will do a theme...and if so, if it'll be Toy Story, Thomas the Train, Sesame Street, or Monsters. Oh decisions, decisions ;) Regardless, here's where my wheels have been turning:
I am definitely doing this for the invite/evite. Note to self - find a chalkboard. 
Other invitations I love -- this & this

I think these summertime straws & lime wedges are a must :)

If choose to do place cards, I will absolutely make these

As for the cake/cupcakes....obv will depend on which, if any, theme we go with but love these:

This really has nothing to do with party planning, but little L is in for a birthday morning surprise to this effect:


And why not wake up to this as well:

Will keep you posted as plans progress! And all you east coasters, plan your trips now! Saturday, June 16. *Save the Date ;)

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  1. Love these ideas Lisa!! I hope we can make it. Give Lando a big smooch for me.


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