Friday, April 27, 2012

Landon's big 2nd birthday bash!

It took me forever but I finally got a decent picture for Landon's birthday invitation :) I saw this on Pinterest and I knew it was what I wanted to do, but it was def not as easy as it seemed!! First I couldn't find a small enough chalkboard so I had to make my own with chalkboard paint.

A $3.00 picture frame from Target and $5.00 chalkboard paint at Joanns, a few strokes of my sponge brush later, & voila! Actually kind of happy I did this because there are so many more things I can use the little chalkboard for - right now it is hangingin our kitchen as a "what's for dinner menu" for the week, and of course Landon loves to color on it as well. But until he learns that chalk is not meant to be eaten, the weekly dinner menu it will remain.

After about 2973798347474 attempts, I finally got a decent batch of pics to choose from. These were a few other cuties:

And a theme was finally decided upon! I was really shying away from a theme this year because I feel like it makes the planning so much more stressful and expensive...but I found these cute balloon plates and napkins a few weeks ago at the Dollar Tree & I knew I wanted tons and tons and tons of balloons everywhere....and then I remembered how much we all loved Disney's "Up" and it was a match made in heaven in my head. And it's a super easy theme to work with because it's just pretty much all balloons.

These cupcakes will be made:

(House printout/cutout found here).

I love this idea for the smash cake:

And I might just have to have Landon dress up like this for the occasion:

So ya, I'm pretty stoked for it. I know it's a little ways away but time flies around here and I already have some really good friends plus Landon's godmum flying in for the weekend and I think it'll be an even bigger & better turnout than last year's :) For those of you who missed the big # 1, you can check out some snippets here & here.

More to come!!


  1. LOVE it! can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. How sweet!! Your little boy is adorable! Love his blonde hair!! Good luck with the party!!! :-)


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