Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bits of Life Lately

Feeding the geese @ Flick Park after brunch on Mother's Day. It was all fun and games until we ran out of Cheerios and all the geese charged out of the water at us. Not gonna lie, I was pretty scared. Landon - totally fearless.
Out to dinner & drinks @ the Girl & the Goat (obsessed) before the red carpet premiere of "Head Games" with another couple. Of course it was totally unnecessary to go out for more drinks afterwards. Pomegranate ginger ale from Caribou was a life saver the next morning while I was dying at work.
My little ham & cheese geeking out for the camera. Continuing to evolve and now eats with little forks & spoons. 
 Family fun time on Saturday @ the beach & the sprinklers @ Navy Pier. L was a bit timid at first but then took to it like a crazy cracked out fish in water.
 The last few pics of familyfunday. The only way we can show affection to each other is behind this jealous guy's back. Seriously, he FAH-REAKS out when we so much as hold each other's hands in front of him. What is that all about??
Enjoying my NATO-cation .... no work for a few days while Chicago hosted the NATO summit for the first time ever. It was wonderful. Minus the {peaceful} protesters and millions of state troopers on every corner, the city was a total ghost town. Took full advantage of all the empty stores and got a pair of sandals from the new DSW downtown. One last random pic of my little sweetheart asleep on his papa's shoulder....I about melted into a huge pile of mom goo when this happened. 


  1. Love your suit & those shoes! & your little man is too friggin cute for words. :)

  2. thanks mama! check out modcloth.com! they have a ton of really cute vintage inspired suits, i just bought 2!


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