Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had an awesome Memorial Day weekend in Boston and I am missing it and everyone already. We flew in Saturday afternoon, stopped by a friend's bbq/pool party for a bit, and then to my parents that evening for an early birthday party for little Landon. Landon stayed at my parents Sat. & Sun. night which was amazing - I actually got to sleep in past 5:30am and enjoy time with Chris and my friends without feeding, playing, entertaining and taking care of a little one. Much, much needed. Sunday morning I woke up at 8 and got ready to spend the day on my girlfriend's boyfriend's boat down the Cape. It was a perfect day with perfect weather filled with homemade sandwiches, vodka raspberry lemonade, & lots of good quality time and conversation and relaxing in the middle of the ocean. All was well and not a care in the world until the engine broke and the coast guard had to tow us back. It was pretty comical. Then went back to my girlfriend's house we were staying at, showered and got ready for the night, & headed on over to grill out over my other girlfriend's place. We had such a fun night filled with lots of ridiculous convos & tons and tons of laughter. Unfortunately I had so much fun that I wasn't even thinking about taking any photos throughout the night which I'm regretting now. It was awesome to stay out however late we wanted and not cut our night short and rush to get home to the sitter. Taking full advantage, we got home at 2am and slept in until 10am. Holy Hesus, the last time that happened was literally aeons ago. Monday was spent back at my parents' where we hung out with my grandma, played in the yard with Landon, ordered my favorite Bertucci's margarita pizza, and then I took a 3 hour nap in my old bed. It was amazing. 
Landon has a hardcore obsession w/ the moving walkways. It all started here.

Eastbound. (If you look close you can actually see our place, to the left of the tall standalone building on the lake).
Kickin' it poolside with aunt lauren

L's marble photo birthday cake {loved}
Chris with my grandma's pug, Snoopy, otherwise known as Snoop Dog. 
The flight back, which we just barely made:

We woke up yesterday at 3:30am for a 6:30am flight out of Providence. I didn't think we would have any problems since it was such an early flight. I was correct in that there was no traffic and we easily dropped off the rental car and got to the airport over an hour early, but absolute havoc ensued once we got to the terminals. There were what seemed like millions of people crowded around everywhere and the line to check your baggage as well as the line to go through security were monsterous, trailing all the way outside. By the time we got to the counter to check our bags it was already a quarter past 6. The staff didn't care what time your flight was, everyone had to wait to go through security like everybody else. A nice older guy in front of us sweetly let us go in front of him, although one person was a little help. Usually a baby in a carriage buys us a free vip ticket through the mess but unfortunately not this time. When we got up to the security checkpoint they actually made us step into the "family" line. Stuck behind all the other strollers and car seats and families and kids. Seriously. Then we hear that our flight is boarding over the intercom and that we need to get to the gate immediately. Then a little boy in front of me keeps setting off the metal detector and the security B wouldn't let us just pass through ahead of him. No mercy. We finally get through. Only then Chris is stopped to do a liquid test on Landon's milk. Of course. At this point we decided we needed to divide and conquer. Chris stayed behind while they tested the milk and I took off like a bat out of hell with honeybunny to our gate. Final boarding call over the intercom. I am legit barreling down the airport with Landon in tow trying to make it to our gate which of course is the farthest gate down. I now totally get the crazy bikers who yell "on your left!!" I am winded and about to collapse when I see the nice guy from the security line walking towards me and stops me. He held our plane for us. and they know we are coming. I couldn't believe it. We never even told him our gate number. Chris finally catches up to us and we make our plane. And people change seats for us so that we can all sit together. There are good people out there. I was thankful, and inspired to commit simple acts of kindness for others. We all passed out on the cab ride back and got home safe & sound. End of story :) I hope everyone else had a blessed holiday weekend as well.

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