Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Well its come that time of year again when they reset the rankings at Top Baby Blogs. I hate even writing this post because I know how annoying it is when people ask me for votes for stupid online contests. But here I am and I'm asking for it. I decided to ask you guys this only once, and the few other times during the year they reset their rankings. I stopped asking for votes at the bottom of every post a long time ago because it's so annoying when people do that. I keep this blog for myself, friends & family, and my dear followers. I don't promote or advertise it anywhere. And I find it distasteful if not borderline obnoxious if I'm here writing my heart out about my son and family and then throw on a "VOTE FOR US" link at the bottom. Which brings me here. Since I stopped asking for votes, our ranking has slipped totally slid from where we used to be when I would ask for votes more regularly. After going back and forth as to whether I should just throw in the towel or stay on tbb I decided to stay on. I have found a ton of amazing mamas and blogs through this site and I want to continue that. And some truly incredible women have found me through tbb, and without being on there I would have never met these amazing people. So, all that being said...I am asking for your support and for your vote. Only once. After that, you can continue voting once a day if you really & truly feel like it (& we sure hope so ;))

All you have to do is click this link and then one more click on the owl on the left. It only takes a second and we really, truly, deeply appreciate it. Plus, how could you say no to this little face & baby butt?

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