Tuesday, July 3, 2012

24 month check up

This post is a few weeks overdue but we've been a busy lil fam lately. I can't even believe it's July already. I feel like we're almost half way through the summer....so depressing. And we're already half way through 2012! Seriously life, slow down. Anyway, so Landon's 24 month check up. He is 27 lbs & 13 ounces (50th percentile), 35 inches long (75th percentile!), head circumference of 48.4 cm (50th percentile), & everything else is looking good & healthy. However, developmentally we're a little behind and we have to sign up for speech therapy. I kind of had an inkling that this was going to happen....He only says "ut oh" and "oh no" consistently and doesn't say any other words or make animal noises or point to his head or belly or other things when asked. He is pretty far behind the standard for 24 months old, which is a vocabulary of 100-300 words, making noises or saying words on demand, identifying certain objects, people, body parts and colors, and putting two words together to form mini sentences ("I'm hungry" or "Let's eat." I can't even imagine little Landon walking around saying things like that!) Initially part of me really wasn't too concerned because I know a lot of people who didn't start talking until age 3 and I do know that Landon is otherwise very healthy and behaviorally good and happy. But of course it brings me down a little because this was the first "problem" or delay we've ever encountered with his health/growth. And that he happens to be so far behind. I know that it is extremely common but I do feel guilty that when I was working the past several months I wasn't able to be home with him and focus and help him with his talking, learning, counting, etc. We had our first initial intake appointment with the therapist and have a team of specialists coming over on Friday to give him a full evaluation. After that we will be scheduling his first speech therapy session as well as scheduling a test for his hearing with an audiologist. Eek! Lots I'm nervous about but I have strong feelings that he will be 100% okay and that his hearing is fine and that he will be talking in no time. Therapy once a week. Wiggleworms music classes starting this week (which doc said is supposed to help as well) and swimboree classes starting on Thursday. I am so happy to be done with work now to do all this with him and I can't wait until he is up to par and able to communicate his needs/wants and for us to have a real dialog.  Lots to look forward to. & I will most def be posting videos of his progress :)

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