Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Links to Love

This site. So damn funny. Seriously, go look.

An Open Letter to Teenagers Wanting a Baby. 

The Bloggess. Laughed SO hard @ this recent post of hers.

On a more serious note, this beautiful declaration of faith by an awesome mom blogger.

Guaranteed to make you feel like a better mother here.

This amazing blogger & mother of 4, and her even more amazing "Incubator Project"

These vintage locket/pendant necklaces...and so many colors & sizes to choose from!

Easy way to find estate sales in your area...some even show you photos ;)

Loving colorful paper tape times a hundred.

This blog -- tons of awesome home renovation ideas/projects. Using this post as my handy guide for when I paint all of our furniture next month...Yup, you guessed it, all white :)

Getting excited for our move next month and going crazy thinking about all the redecorating I'll be doing for Landon's new "big boy" room. Spending lots of time perusing some great interior sites like this one & others from her blog roll.

I will also, most definitely, be making one or a few of these beautiful lyrical wall art pieces <3

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  1. The letter to teenagers wanting a baby was absolutely HILARIOUS! But so,so true!!


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