Monday, October 29, 2012

bits & pieces

First of all, prayers and provisions sent to all the east coasters being affecting my the wrath of Sandy. Stay safe everyone --- While you have all been stocking up on water and flashlights, this is what we've been up to -- 
kid cave
all lined up, the way he likes 'em.
our house guest for the week :)
on the lookout
slides slides slides
the last of the garden tomatoes
we really need to get him a puppy.
 What Landon likes to do with my shoes. (We need a mudroom).
halloween sugar cookies
 the pumpkin patch
 pony rides (obsessed)
Stomach flu. 
dining room - complete. 3 down, 6 to go.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Home Tour: Landon's new room

Finally! This room took quite a while to come together but I am so happy and proud of the final outcome. First we had some serious wallpaper (2 layers and lots of leftover glue, bless my soul) to remove and some big holes in the wall to patch up. Then we primed & painted the room a sharp electric blue, touched up all the white trims and baseboards, and painted the inside of the closet and "shoe stand" white. For whatever reason, all the closet doors had been removed from 3 of the upstairs rooms so instead of getting new doors, I decided to put up some colorful curtains instead. (Thank you, Pinterest).
I absolutely love his new bed and dresser which came from my parents, a very generous & gorgeous 2nd birthday gift for lucky little L. It was custom designed and ordered so it took a little while to finally arrive, but it was definitely well worth the wait. We picked it out when they came to visit in August from Darvin Furniture in Orland Park. [Highly recommend if you are in the Chicagoland looking for some new furniture - This place was ginormous and you're guaranteed to find whatever it is you are looking for.] After much deliberation we decided to get him a full sized bed since we want him to have it for forever, and plus because he is such a crazy sleeper. The bookcase and little chair were left here for us from Chris' dad, the nightstand we already had, and the rug completely captured my heart at first "site" on

Sources of other items:
- sun light fixture (old): ikea
- closet curtains: target
- globe: garage sale
- bedding: target
- wooden train wall shelf: garage sale
- framed printables on train shelf: here and here
- framed printable on nightstand: here
- wooden cars on: Dollar Spot @ Target (old)
- white owl on nightstand: .59 cents clearance @ Michaels
- paint: Azurean, by Behr
- sailboat painting: TJ Maxx
- bunting banner: homemade with colored cardstock from Michaels, a hole punch, & white ribbon
- chevron table (dresser) runner: etsy
- record bookends: etsy
- table lamp: tar-jay (base & shade)
- white ceramic owl: Michaels (.59 cents clearance)
- suede extra large bean bag: (old) from Value City Furniture
- step stool: gifted but from Tiny Keepsakes
- bookcase trinkets: mostly everything on this bookcase was either gifted or thrifted. Except for the little white "L." That I got at Michaels for $1.00 and painted it white.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nature Babes

Well we are totally loving suburbia. Today we went for a power walk through Harms Woods, we love doing this and it's becoming a little weekly tradition for us. They have a little dirt path for walkers/joggers and another bike path that goes all the way to the botanical gardens in highland park. & Yes, I am on the hunt for a bike with a baby seat like this so we can do that. Today was a perfect day, the weather was perfect, the leaves were blazing orange, red, & yellows, and we even saw a little family of deer just hangin & grazin out. Landon loves our nature walks just as much as I do if not more - he runs ahead & laughs back at me and excitedly points out all the ducks in the lakes, picks me wild flowers, plays in the leaves, and pets all the dogs that pass by him. When I tell him its time for us to turn around and go home he says, "no!" and points ahead of us and says "go!" And I obey and we explore further and we keep doing this until he gets too tired to walk anymore. He's becoming such a little kid with the cutest little emerging personality and I honestly feel like I love him even more as I watch him grow and turn into this little person all his own. It's pretty amazing.

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