Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nature Babes

Well we are totally loving suburbia. Today we went for a power walk through Harms Woods, we love doing this and it's becoming a little weekly tradition for us. They have a little dirt path for walkers/joggers and another bike path that goes all the way to the botanical gardens in highland park. & Yes, I am on the hunt for a bike with a baby seat like this so we can do that. Today was a perfect day, the weather was perfect, the leaves were blazing orange, red, & yellows, and we even saw a little family of deer just hangin & grazin out. Landon loves our nature walks just as much as I do if not more - he runs ahead & laughs back at me and excitedly points out all the ducks in the lakes, picks me wild flowers, plays in the leaves, and pets all the dogs that pass by him. When I tell him its time for us to turn around and go home he says, "no!" and points ahead of us and says "go!" And I obey and we explore further and we keep doing this until he gets too tired to walk anymore. He's becoming such a little kid with the cutest little emerging personality and I honestly feel like I love him even more as I watch him grow and turn into this little person all his own. It's pretty amazing.

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