Tuesday, November 13, 2012

little bits

 thanksgiving crafts for little hands

::best friends::
Ready for a dog
 L eating (&loving!) his collard greens! *recipe: break up into bite sized pieces (leaving out stem that runs down leaf, just tear around) and throw into baking dish. drizzle with olive oil & a dash of salt & pepper. cook at 350 for 10/15 minutes. take out and stir around, you may want to cook longer or add more evoo &/or salt &/or pepper. so delicious! and stocked with tons of healthy nutrients - double win :)
 When Chris comes home too late
 he's a huge help with the yard work.
 homemade pizzas (recipe)
 family snuggle sesh
 homemade treats for our new neighbor friends
 this also happened over the weekend
 so happy
first butterball turkey purchase - gettin' ready to host my first thanksgiving :) No, I won't be eating this, but at least my guests will be mowing down on a hormone free bird
Him, always him. <3

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