Saturday, January 5, 2013

a few updates: landon's room + life

A few updated pics (& comparisons) of Landon's 'big kid' room. New homemade bunting banner, some sweet record bookends, & a chevron table (slash dresser) runner. I think I'm officially done with his room now. and he officially has the coolest room in the house. For the whole tour [click here].

The "before" picture of the left side of his room. 
And "after."
I may or may not be guilty of color coordinating his books. 

- bunting: homemade with colored cardstock from Michaels, a hole punch, & white ribbon
- chevron table (dresser) runner: etsy
- record bookends: etsy
- table lamp: tar-jay (base & shade)
- white ceramic owl: Michaels (.59 cents clearance)
- suede extra large bean bag: (old) from Value City Furniture
- teddy bear: gifted
- wooden trucks/cars: Target's One Spot (old)

Another unrelated update but I've decided to jump on the twitter bandwagon. I'm not making it super public or anything, & it won't necessarily be baby/blog-related... and it will most likely be filled with stupid comments. But if you'd like to converse with me via twitter feel free to connect with me @lisa_b3. But I wont be offended if you don't.

Another unrelated update: I'm in the market to go back to work this year. I have had it pretty good, primarily staying at home with Landon for the past 2.5 years, but 2013 will be different for me. I've been doing a lot of soul searching, researching, lunches, applications, & interviews, and lots has been going on the other side of this screen that I won't bore you with, but will definitely let you in on everything in the coming weeks/months. Yay for new chapters.
(One of my old posts on working vs staying at home here). will be my official new site. Just waiting on a few verification issues to go through, but if you type in my current URL, you should be transferred automatically to as soon as I get it all set up, hopefully within the week.

Of course you all want to hear about Landon's updates: We're in therapy now 3x a week to help with his speech but he has been making more progress than ever these past couple of weeks and there's not a doubt in my mind that by summer he will be chatting my ear off. Some new words in his vocabulary are: "hi!" "bus" "choo choo" "dog" "eat" "apple" "mine" (everything is his) "wait!"(he won't let you go anywhere without him) "puzzle" "elmo" "cookie" "dough" (play dough) "ba ba" (bubbles) "ma ma" (for me and (probably more) for Chris...sigh) "moo" (for cow, and pretty much every other 4 legged farm animal), and everyday phrases: "what's this?" "Where'd it go?" "Is this a moo?" "one.....two!" and "Are you serious?"

Will try to post more this month, I know December was slacking. Hope everyone has had a great start to 2013. Cheers :)


  1. Looks like Landon is doing great with his speech therapy! Lincoln finished up with the birth to three program, once he turned 3 years old, and moved on to the school system. He now goes to preschool, where he gets speech 30 minutes per day! It's so great. He's only been in school for 4 weeks, and I cannot get over the improvements!!

    1. that's awesome! we have a meeting to discuss preschool placement in 2 weeks. i love hearing from other moms about their son's improvements!

  2. I colour coordinate my kiddos books too! Everyone thinks I'm mad! So glad I'm not the only be - it looks so pretty! Landon's big boy room is adorable, I love it! Xxx


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