Monday, January 28, 2013

Home Videos

**Edit -- This was old page that I'm republishing as a post ...just trying to reorganize my site a little bit without losing this content. 

My husband and I have way too much fun with our little honeybunny. We bought the Flip camera recorder when he was only 3 months old to make sure we got lots of home videos taken to look back on. Not knowing where the past 10 months went, I am SO happy we got this. I want to make a point of recording lots of little everyday occurrences (not just holidays & birthdays, but of course I will be documenting those as well) because I feel like that's really where you capture some of the most humorous & memorable moments. These are in order of most recent - oldest. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoy living them :)

Oct. 2012 -- Little Talks

Aug. 2011 -- First Steps :)

June 2011 -- cake!

June 2011 -- Take a Stand

May 2011 -- Lando on the move

May 2011 -- more biking footage

Apr. 2011 -- Water Landon!

Mar. 2011 -- hysterical landon

Sept. 2011 -- Tummy Time Gone Bad

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