Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sponsor Love

2013 is the year I've decided to start partnering with other companies and blogs for sponsorship and advertisement. I'm careful to only work with people and companies that are a good fit with Mumma's Corner blog and lifestyle and will never host a giveaway, have a guest post, or promote a company or blog that I am not truly passionate about myself. On that note, I'm very excited to share with you some wonderful mamas and companies that I truly love, and am very excited to have here in my Corner.

I've blogged about this company before here but Everything Birth is a truly amazing site that promotes and sells all things related to natural birth, cloth diapersmidwife supplies, & some really great all-natural mama and baby products. I personally love their bumgenius all-in-one cloth diapers and all-natural laundry detergent (cloth friendly!), and I'm a big fan of all their Hyland's homeopathic remedies for babies and children.

Shabby Apple is a vintage-inspired women's clothing company that offers tons of super chic and classic pieces, from dresses to bathing suits to jewelry and accessories, it has everything you need to look and feel like you're a star on Mad Men. Some of my current favorites: thisthis, & these. *Shop now through 1/31 for 20% off their entire site with promo code "NewYears"

Meet Tracy from Someday Sunday. Tracy is a sweet mama to beautiful 9 month old girl Harlow Paige (awesome name right). Love spending time in her blog where she documents the challenges and joys of a modern young family and heading back to work after 9 months of staying at home with her little one. So much in store for this little family of three!

Meet Ariel from Dreams to Do. Ariel is one amazing working mama to two little ones with perhaps the most adorable family in the Pacific Northwest. Love her sense of humor & she is a very talented writer with an honest approach on motherhood and celebrating a life outside parenting focused on dreams, ambitions, and living a life worth living. 

Meet Kami from The Momma Diaries. Kami is open and honest and holds nothing back here, where mostly every mother can relate and find comfort and support in her stories, in areas we don't always talk about ourselves. You are sure to enjoy her site and 'diary entries' about trying to conceive baby #2 and growing their little threesome into a family of four.

Now go check out some of these amazing mamas & sites! :)


  1. Ahhhhh, you're so sweet! Thank you for this! :-)

  2. thank you so so so much for this! you are so very kind!


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