Monday, January 21, 2013

Would love your support

Hello again friends :) Top Baby Blogs has reset their rankings, & if you enjoy spending time in my little corner of the world I would please ask you that VOTE for us (it's just one quick click! & if you really want to show your love you can keep voting, once every 24 hours). I really hate asking but I promised I will only ask when they reset their ranks. & it's that time of year again so I'm kindly asking :) We really appreciate all your support!

Oh and also, quick update, THIS has begun:
We're slowly introducing it and not doing the 3-days-no-pants thing {yet} but if you have any advice or tricks let us in on it!


  1. I voted! What I will say about potty training... introducing it slowly is fine, but when you really want him to be potty trained, ya gotta go cold turkey and throw out all the dipes and pull-ups. Leila spent 6 months in pull-ups during the day which she knew she could still go potty in. Even though she'd use the potty on her own occasionally, she would still go in the pull-up because she knew it was like a diaper and she could. As soon as I bit the bullet and put her in undies 100% during the day, she was fully potty trained in 2 days (with the exception of night time which we JUST took her out of pull-ups at 3.5). Follow his signs and you'll know when he's really ready.

    1. Thank you! How old was Leila when you cut her cold turkey? Was she talking yet? L is def really expressing interest in the toilet but i'm not sure if we/he is ready to do it cold turkey yet bc he isn't communicating to me yet when he is wet or dirty. But he DOES also go into a private space to poop I've noticed, so I think that's an additional sign.
      Everyone says it's best to do the real training in spring/summer. SO once a day right now I have him just sitting on the toilet, with no real expectations - just to get him familiarized with it, flushing it when he's done sitting on it, washing his hands, etc. to get him into the routine of how it works.


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