Wednesday, February 13, 2013

little bits

Valentine's Day crafts: heart stamps from toilet paper tubes + acrylic paint
Love by Landon ©
Happy early Valentine's Day, to me, from me. Kind of hating on V Day this year, I get annoyed with the bazillion bouquets of flowers on my news feeds from significant others. And while I'm at it, going out to dinner on V Day in crowded restaurants filled with sappy couples - i'd rather pass. amiright? or being a scrooge?
 Lots of new Vegetarian eats & more of What Landon Eats HERE
Hubby's birthday night
My little love in a Tub
The start of the marketing & packaging of my facial oil cleansers, (more to come: handmade body scrub, bath salts, bath bombs, and soy candles) Visit my etsy shop HERE. This one was just a sample - working on better packaging & labeling right now - will post more on this when more developed, but something I'm very excited about :)
little workouts @ Little Gym
(little stinker vintage T: recent thrifting find (.20cents))
Working dinners. 
getting our aquatics on slash getting ready for summer. 
K, we're ready.

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