Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Weekend out East // A Big Italian Wedding

Got in late Sunday night from a wonderful weekend out east, celebrating one of my very good friends' getting married out in Long Island. We got up at 5am Friday morning to fly into Boston, where we spent the night with my parents, my sister, and grandmother and had an early birthday party for little L. We announced our pregnancy, I started crying tears of joy, and we celebrated over lots of cake and ice cream and the best veggie lasagna I've ever had. Saturday morning my girlfriend and fiance picked us up for the drive to New York while Landon stayed with my parents for the night (& went to the Big Apple Circus, lucky guy!) We had such a great time at the wedding, I'm not sure if it was my pregger hormones or what but my girlfriend looked the happiest and most beautiful I've ever seen her in my life and the ceremony was so lovely and I had goosebumps the entire mass. The reception was tons of fun, it had been forever since I last saw all my really good college friends, & I miss them already. Although it was kiddie cocktails for me all night, I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 course dinner complete with an arugula salad (my fave), a lightly breaded eggplant parmesan (so good) and a chocolate fondant dessert bar (I may or may not have spilled chocolate all over ma belly). Although sometimes I feel a bit socially awkward without a little alcohol in me, I had a blast showing off my new bump for the first time, catching up with everyone, had some really great sober (at least on my part) convos, and thoroughly enjoyed staying up until 4am without having to worry about a little one waking me up in a few hours, and without a hangover. We hit the road Sunday back to Boston, packed up Landon's little luggage, and we off to the airport to head back to Chicago within the hour. The weekend went by too quick but it was such a good time and I miss it already. & I am already planning a longer trip out east later this summer so I can see more of my friends and family. Some pics from our whirlwind weekend:
 5am wake up call
 Landing in the Bay State

Nails: Essie, Ballet Slippers. Rings: by Hannah Naomi
 Driving by the New York skyline
 The beautiful bride

What a fun night, Congratulations again Dena & Cary!! Xx


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