Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random bits & snapshots

A few random tidbits & snapshots of where we're at lately:

- Landon is officially sleeping through the night in his own bed, after many 8 1/2 months of painful, horrid, sleepless nights. It took A LOT to get us/him to the point we are now - a sharp 8-8:30pm bedtime, no milk during the night (only a cup of water on his nightstand), and remaining in his own bed until 6am - and I am finally convinced that our hard work is paying off and that we've successfully kicked all his bad nighttime habits. After 1 solid week, I think we're finally at the start of something really good and normal. This is me, doing celebratory karate kicks and fist pumps.

- Been spending lots of time outdoors, soaking up the gorgeous, sunny weather we've been having, and playing lots of make-believe with Landon. We chase each other around and scream and play "monsters", we play rescue trucks that put out fake fires and rescue little play people, we love playing hide 'n seek (house rule: Landon only gets to hide), and we play "babies" with his stuffed animal friends where I basically sit and admire him sweetly hold his 'babies', gently feed them, strap them in and take them for little carriage strolls, and tuck them into bed with his blankies (aka "treaties") to go "ni ni." I really can't wait for him to be a big brother.

- I'm in love with some new all natural cosmetics & skincare I've been using lately. (Did you know that 60% of everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream?) After years of searching, I finally found an awesome 100% organic foundation by 100% Pure that I LOVE. I'm obsessed with my new Butter London nail polish in Yummy Mummy & Pink Ribbon, 100% Pure body cream in Lemon, Dr. Bronner's bar castile soap and lip balm in Peppermint, & even more so loving the fact that everything I've been lathering all over my body is from 100% natural ingredients and safe for the fragile little developing life inside of me.

- I'm thoroughly looking forward to all our summer soirees, wedding showers, tiki parties, pool parties, & weddings with friends. Chris and I will both be standing up in a wedding in September, Chris a groomsman in a wedding in August, and I will be traveling out east at the end of the summer for one of my best friend's wedding showers in Mass., (travel arrangements have not yet been made but hopefully will be longer than just the weekend). A few maternity clothes I'm eyeing for a few of these special occasions: this ASOS lace black dress for a wedding or rehearsal dinner, & this cute lil swimsuit in coral.

- In my spare time I've been watching Downton Abby and reading "Gone Girl" both of which I would highly recommend. Was a little hesitant about a 1900's British show that airs on PBS but it's honestly so, so good and I've been finding my own thoughts to have a British accent now.

- Landon is enrolled to begin summer school next month (so excited) and I've got him placed him in a private off-site speech therapy once a week beginning in July. His speech is still delayed for an almost 3 year old, but I've seen a lot of improvement over the past month and I am confident that the peer interaction that comes with summer school and preschool in the fall will bolster his talking abilities immensely.

- It's that time of year again when Top Baby Blogs has reset their rankings. If you are reading this (& enjoy reading my blog), I sincerely ask you to please click HERE and vote for Mumma's Corner by clicking on the owl on the left. I promised I would only ask this annoying thing of you when they do their quarterly ranking resets...but please keep in mind you can vote once every 24 hours and if you really love us, we would really appreciate it ;)

- Last but not least, little Mumma's Corner is being featured in Pathways Magazine this fall!!!! I was shocked and beyond thrilled when I got an email from their editor asking my permission to reprint one of my very first posts on cloth diapering. You can obtain a free digital copy of their most recent summer issue HERE but you may just want to wait until their fall issue to see my big cameo :)

- A few snapshots for you of little bits of our lives lately:

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  1. Hey Lisa!

    It's Melissa Perreault. I'm leaving a comment for the contest and I also liked Hyland's on Facebook. My email is Hope that you're feeling well!

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