Monday, May 6, 2013

Pictures of Recently Enjoyed Things

What I would give to to bottle up his energy and be able to sip from it every morning.
Holy deliciousness: whole wheat bread, chive & onion cream cheese, baby cucumbers, sprinkled with salt & pepper, & topped with scallions. 
 *Note: I did not stage this for picture-taking, Landon walked this lil yorkypoo on his own for about half an hour with no help. And yes, we need to get him a dog. 
Finally gave my thrifting itch a good scratch & Landon some sweet new recycled summer clothes for .40 a pop.
Pit stop on the way home for kiddy cones & choo choo trains. Simple joys.
He closes his eyes whenever he takes a bite out of something really tasty.
Homemade arugula salads, my fave. (arugula, fresh feta, baby tomatoes, & scallion, tossed in evoo + balsamic vinegar).
& last but certainly not least, this lil growing bump of mine :)

1 comment:

  1. Leila walks our dog all the time and it is so stinkin cute! I totally have to try that cream cheese cucumber concoction because my mouth is seriously watering right now. Yummo! And I love the daddy-son red shoes. :)


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