Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Camp Music Fest

We spent this past Friday and Saturday at Summer Camp Music Festival down in Chillicothe, IL and had soo much fun. My Father & Brother in Law were (thankfully) unable to watch Landon for the night, so we brought him with us for the overnight camping trip, and I can't believe I ever thought about leaving him behind now.  I wasn't sure what to expect as I've never been camping before, Landon had never been camping before, I was pregnant, and I didn't know how 'kid-friendly' Summer Camp would be. But nonetheless, Friday morning we packed up the Tahoe with our family sized tent, tons of blankets & pillows, snacks, tie-dye shirts & all our fun sunglasses, and after about 3 hours of driving south past farmlands and open fields, we finally came upon the most magnificent Wanderlust we got to call our own.
While Chris pitched our tent, Landon and I explored the campgrounds and strolled through the woods, packed with tents, hanging tapestries, hammocks, & hippies everywhere. Landon gave passing high fives and pounds in his tie-dye T, rolled up skinny jeans & totally felt like we belonged.
A soon to be recurring ice-cream truck stop for Landon and we headed back to get Chris and boogie down to some music. We saw Umphrey's McGee, moe., Caravan of Thieves, Papadosio, Maps and Atlases, and Eoto, absolutely loved all of them. Landon especially loved walking from stage to stage and rocking out with his little glowsticks. He wanted to walk everywhere, continuously pointing to the next performance and exclaiming "party!" leading the way to the next.
I took Landon back to our tent to go to bed early while Chris stayed out and joined us later. It started to rain at about 3am which quieted & hunkered down the crowds a bit, but 4 hours later Landon was up and ready to 'party'. Unfortunately we didn't pack smart for the rain so we walked around a little bit, mistakenly attended a hoola hoop class while trying to keep dry in the Soulshine Tent, and then headed home.
Ever since we got home I keep thinking about how much fun Landon had...it was seriously the most fun I've seen him have in his whole life and my heart melts all over again thinking of my cool little hipster tot. I can't wait to go back again (a little more prepared) next year, and with another little hipster babe in tow.

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