Monday, December 9, 2013

la la la links to love

Things have finally started to get back to normal & settle down, just in time for the craziness of the holidays :) L is back on his nap/bedtime schedule, eating better, speaking better, & acting like the little gentleman we all know & love him to be. & little B is ... well, basically continuing to be the little angel baby that she is. I've made it out solo on several different occasions with both kiddos while Chris has been in New York for the past 4 days & started to feel like I got this whole mom of two thing under control. I know this blog has not been getting very much love & attention lately so thought I'd drop in & share a few sites I've been perusing & links I'm loving lately.. Happy Monday!

- I've been really enjoying lots of quiet, skin-to-skin time with my precious little bundle, but holy crap, I never knew all the amazing benefits of it. Check out this easy to read one-pager from nuroobaby & get that baby against your chest!
- This post from MelVfit's blog about 'faking' body transformation, and particularly loving Jen's post from mamalionstrong, on post-partum body image and the toll, and beauty of, motherhood. 
- & in honor of "Small Business Saturday"this past Saturday, sharing a few small etsy shops I adore: Oanabefort, Ohnorachio, & thelilcupcake.
-  I've been thoroughly enjoying breastfeeding my little Blair bear, (something I wasn't able to do with Landon, & man was I missing out), & love always learning new facts about why Breast is Best
- Blair's nursery was featured on the well known and very well loved Apartment Therapy site this past Thursday - check it out!
- Receiving some incredible feedback from my Extract shop and thrilled that almost all of my customers have been back for re-orders of my custom facial oil cleanser. Thinking about ways to actually advertise, promote and get out there now. If you are a blogger and would like to host a product review, let me know! (
- Loving Rifle Paper Company, just ordered this iphone case for myself (a close runner up). Also obsessed with her stationary and beautifully illustrated note cards...I found these "B" notecards on clearance bin at Anthropologie, & made a beautiful keepsake for Blair's baby prints :)
-& lastly, This post by Matt Walsh on SAHMs, love. 

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