Friday, December 27, 2013

Zoolando Xmas 2013: the best day ever

Went to the Brookfield zoo last weekend for the first time and think I can safely say it was the best day of my 2013. Well, second best day. Got there early in the morning before the crowds and pretty much had the whole place to entirely to ourselves. Blair slept through most of it, and Landon for the first time ever was so excited to see all the animals we read and talk about on a daily basis. He was most excited about the zebras, dolphins, and tigers, and his very own hot chocolate and dippin' dots (first timer). And I loved being able to take the time to read all the interesting fun facts and not feeling rushed or overwhelmed with losing my kid in the crowds. We stayed just until it started to get dark when the entire zoo was lit up with Christmas lights and it was so beautiful. Really hope to get back there again soon and make it a more regular weekend occurrence. A few photos I managed to capture:

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