Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Surprise 30th Birthday Trip :)

Just got back from the most amazing surprise trip to Puerto Rico for my Big 3-0 :) Was definitely feeling the seasonal depression this winter and my husband couldn't have more pleasantly surprised me with this little getaway at a more perfect time. It was a first time for both of us visiting Puerto Rico and we hope to definitely return again in the future. We stayed at La Concha Resort in San Juan on Condado Beach, which I highly recommend if you ever go. It was a newly constructed hotel, the rooms were amazing, overlooking the ocean, located right on a block with Walgreens, Starbucks, numerous delicious restaurants, bars, & shops, and gave you the option of hanging out by a beautiful pool, private Oceanside cabanas (our favorite spot), on the beach, or in these big comfy lounge chairs outside in the shade with outlets, where Chris was able to plug in and get some work done towards the end. We booked using the Hotel Tonight app which gave us over 50% discount, and would definitely recommend booking through them for your next trip or hotel night because unlike some other hotel saving sites like Hotwire, they actually give you the name of the hotel so you know exactly where you'll be staying. Also, their guest service was amazing and they had a lot of ridiculous deals to choose from. Def check them out for your next trip and you can use promo code CBauman6 for an additional $25 off your reservation :) 
Alas, some beautiful moments captured on my iPhone for you:

I really think 30 is going to be a really great year and decade for me. Kicked off to a really great start and very excited for everything else in store for me in my thirties (but damn that sounds old!)

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