Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Week Out East (Spring Break '14)

Realizing my poor blog has been seriously neglected lately....But we've been up to all sorts of things over here-traveling, potty training, packing & getting situated for our impending move, and it seems every day is filled with little odds and ends, and still lots of frequent nursing and very little sleep. We are currently on our first family road trip to Florida and am cleaning up my camera roll (got to free up lots of space on here for Mickey - beyond pumped:) and finally getting around to editing and posting these from our trip to Mass last month. 
I spent the last week of March at my parents with the kids while Chris was in CA, and while Landon was off school for spring break. We had such a great trip and it was so great to see and spend good quality time with my family.  My dad took Landon on several exciting excursions - a real choo choo train ride into Boston, the Children's Museum, parks and playgrounds, ice cream parlors and Story Time - while my mom, Blair and I spent some quality 'girl time' shopping, strolling, and I got a much needed hair cut & color for the first time since she was born. It was really a very low key visit, with no car and nothing major planned, just relaxing and relishing in having the extra hands with the kids. Every little thing was just easier..somehow much more manageable, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it, & them, already. 
I left most of the picture-taking to my dad, the proud photographer, but I snagged a few quick snapshots here & there:
Enroute to the airport (new fleece courtesy of Mimi, all the way from Sunday River)
Best traveler ever.
Long walks and talks with Pampa + Henry
Blair's first selfie
Catching marshmallows on fire with Pamps
Nanz meeting her first great-granddaughter for the first time
Awesome night celebrating my belated 30th with Aunt Wah Wah & Uncle Aaron
Lil photo shoot
The happiest babe. - I'll take the no sleep for this.

There were lots of things I missed that I actually wish I caught on video, like an intense monster hunt (& big scare) one night, an innocent 'walk through the forest' (aka my dad's beloved plant collection), Landon singing Happy Birthday to me, and my grandma meeting her first great-granddaughter for the first time. 
We'll be heading back to MA for Blair's baptism in a few more weeks, which we're really excited about, and really looking forward to spending another 'low-key/QT' week there this summer :)

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