Monday, August 11, 2014

East Coast Trip Pt 1: Edaville Railroad

Well aware there's only been a couple of posts on here over past few months, so first I want to apologize to everyone who pays this little corner a visit. It's just been an extremely busy summer with the kids, and realizing I need to cut some things out of my life for the time being, and unfortunately the blogosphere has had to take a step down while I manage our day to day lives, being an active/involved mom to these two little (time and energy sucking) angels and other things that are just more important right now. I will continue to post sporadic updates and photos, but the regular blogging.... Might be back in a month, might be 6, I'm not sure. But I do want to thank everyone who continues to visit and find value here, and let you know Mumma's Corner is not going anywhere and apologize for the slump I'm currently in with this space.
So for your long awaited viewing pleasure, a few photos of the kids from yesterday at Edaville Railroad with my parents. We've been having a really great summer :)
More pics to come :)

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