Saturday, August 16, 2014

East Coast Trip Pt 3: Animal Adventures

Adventured on over to Animal Adventures in Bolton MA a couple days ago with one of my best friends and the sweet girls she nannies for, same ages as L. Was definitely very cool and would highly recommend if you are in the area or feel like making the drive out. They had a lot of really cool exotic animals you don't/won't see at a zoo, as most animals in their care are rescued animals, foster animals, hurt animals, or otherwise just in need of a loving home. The greatest part about this place is that they give you guided tours of all the animal "habitats" as well as take out animals for the kids to pet. So you learn a lot and is really very educational for the kids, and the 'hands on' aspect was super cool as all the children were so excited to actually touch and pet a real live alligator, chinchilla, turtles, and lizards to name a few. 
A few pics from the day:

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