Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Fun!

Most of these were all taken at Dave's Pumpkins in Huntly IL (minus the horses, at a friend's farm in Barrington), about a 30 minute drive for us and well worth it. We've got Goebbert's literally up the street but that place can get crazy crazy, especially on a weekend and during in the month of October. Plus we are all for the smaller, family-owned farms (check out our apple orchard excursion). This was the first time we went to Dave's and we will definitely be returning again - it was a smaller little spot but still had tons of stuff for the kids- a corn maze (not huge but still plenty of fun), 'ghost bubbles' (white vapor like bubbles that turned into smoke when you caught them - big hit), a mini tractor farm the kids could all ride on like little tricycles, lots of pumpkins (ALL only $6, regardless of weight or size- we got a honkin' huge pumpkin and 2 big white ones all for only $18), lots of gourds, corn shocks, corn, squash, and mini pumpks to choose from as well, free radio flyer wagon rentals to help you tote around your goods and tired kids, and $2 (long!) 'spooky hayrides' - we couldn't have been more satisfied. It's also worth mentioning that there was no parking fee, no admission fee, and no additional fees for any of the activities that some other "farms" rob you blind on. But the coolest part about this place - when we first tried to pay the owner before getting on the hayride, he just told us to drop our money in the (completely unmonitored and lone) "drop box" on your way out. AKA, the whole place runs on THE HONOR SYSTEM. Seriously? In this day and age? Love people + places like this.


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos! Can't wait to go pumpkin picking with my daughter!

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