Sunday, November 2, 2014

Homemade Protein Balls!

Yum yum - you are going to love this healthy, protein packed sweet treat. After getting frustrated with constantly buying and paying the very high price tag on (at least the good for you) bars like Quest and Larabar, (about $2.00 a bar or $30 for a box of Quest) I tried making some of my own with only healthy, real ingredients and am obsessed with how these came out. And they are so incredibly easy to make and are also no bake! Great to keep stored in a container for a pre- or post-workout fuel, a quick (and much healthier) fix when your chocolate craving hits, to take with you on the go for busy days, or just to have when hunger strikes instantly (you know this fellow breastfeeding moms).
What You'll Need:
You can honestly eyeball ALL of these ingredients and really no need to measure anything out, but for those of you who need the numbers:
- About 10 soft pitted dates (I used and love Made In Nature's organic dried dates)
- About 10 pitted prunes (used organic dried prunes from Made In Nature)
- 1 tablespoon chia seeds (used Salba Chia seeds, the "smarter" chia)
- 1 scoop of your favorite protein powder (I have only tried chocolate which tastes amazing, but let me know if you try and like something else!)
- 1 cup chopped walnuts or pecans
- About 3/4 cup coconut flakes 
1. Combine all ingredients into blender and pulse until everything looks well mixed.
2. Scoop out small handfuls, roll into little balls, and coat/roll in the coconut flakes.
3. They're ready to eat! Place remainders in an airtight container and keep out at room temperature. Enjoy!

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