Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sponsor Feature: The Lil Cupcake!

Today I am thrilled to feature these sweet baby headbands from The Lil Cupcake
When Blair was born this was one of the first things I ordered for her when we got home from the hospital, as all the little headbands I had received for her were elastic banded with some type of flower or jewel at the top, and really agitated her  sensitive little newborn head. These Knot & Bow Headbands from The Lil Cupcake are not only more fashionable for your chic boho baby, but completely solve the problem and guilt of that elastic 'red head.' They are handmade with 100% organic cotton and are unbelievably soft and comfortable for your little one's fragile head. 
She just added a ton of adorable new winter prints in the shop - a few of my other favorites are this one & this one.
They are also very reasonably priced, ranging from only $12-$14 a piece, and you guys can use coupon code CUPCAKE03 for an additional 10% off your order! 
Stock up now for birthdays and those Christmas stockings!

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