Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bits of Life Lately

The face of a child who just told Santa he wants a Lamborghini car for Christmas.
some christmas craftin' with L
& craftin' for B's baby frien's
Breastmilk donation (read more)
Some Santa pics. Poor Bears isn't a fan of the jolly ole man
Evidence of one successful crib attempt. She looks so peaceful looking at her here. But trust me guys, this has not been easy. We don't call her the the Blair Bears for nothin'.
& because who doesn't love a baby butt


  1. A Lamborghini hahaha. Yay for a successful crib night! I remember that battle very well.

  2. Oh, so much sweetness. That braces and bow tie combo is definitely a winner! <3

  3. sooooo cute! congrats on the successful crib night!


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