Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Banana-Egg Pancakes

Okay so if you saw my last recipe post, you know I'm trying to create QUICK & HEALTHY breakfasts these days and we've been kicking butt at our morning routines lately. Here is another I've been making for a while but never got to take a good picture of (they definitely aren't very photogenic) - banana egg 'pancakes'. The texture and consistency really, actually turns out just like real pancakes and they are so good for you!! (And paleo friendly if you are on that kick).

All you need:
- one large banana 
- two eggs 
 - I also like to throw in about a tablespoon of ground flax seed meal and some cinnamon, but those are optional! (I've also added in nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice mix which also give this a good little kick)
- oil to cook in- preferably coconut oil
- syrup to top - preferably 100% pure maple syrup

1. Mash up 1 large ripe banana
2. Add in your eggs and combine with banana until somewhat well blended- no worries if still a lil lumpy 
3. Pour out onto a skillet in large spoonfuls like you would pancakes. I use coconut oil to heat the pan which tastes amazing with these.
4. Flip over when backside/edges start to brown.
5. Cook underside a couple minutes until browned and serve with pure maple syrup. Enjoy! 

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