Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY Pom Pom Garland

Not wanting to hang curtains but wanting some window decor, (I was actually pretty close to buying these bulb lights, but for $60...I wanted to save money and I always prefer to make over buy anyway), so I made this cute Pom Pom garland to hang on Landon's windows. It's super fun, cheap, and easy to make - all you need are scissors, a fork, and yarn.

1. Wind yarn around your fork, roughly somewhere around 80-100 times if you are using a regular width yarn...for some of the chunkier yarns you would only need to wrap around about 30 times:
2. String a piece through the center of the fork fingers and double-knot. You'll know you've made it as tight as it should be when it looks like the fork is wearing a turban:
3. Slide it off the fork, and use your scissors to cut through the looped yarn, and then trim throughout to round out:
4. Tie your Pom Pom to a long piece of baker's twine or yarn and hang!


  1. His room is so grown up!!!! Lyla's room seriously needs a make-over!

  2. Haha!! It's not really 'done' and I would love to paint the wall, add some more fun pillows....but for now it works and he's happy :)


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