Friday, January 29, 2016

Bits of Life Lately

Baptizing our new godson Johnathan Vincent! 
Smoothie face (favorite recipes here)
Hosting our first MOPS dinner & freezer meal exchange! Each woman came with 4 frozen meals and left with 4 different meals & recipes for their own family (& sanity) PLUS each woman here made one EXTRA frozen meal so that we are able to bless FOUR different new moms with a dinner casserole when they get home from the hospital or in other times of need! Love serving alongside such amazing women and so grateful for that prompting to get involved in the first place :) If you are local and interested in being a part of Willow MOPS you can check it out here!
Twinning in our Sorels
New, meaningful custom made decor for the home inspired by It Is Well by Kristine DiMarco. (Handmade by Kim Art)
The best mornings 💝
 Another beautiful hand painted addition to our home, by Ines at BellySketcher

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