Saturday, February 27, 2016

Their first, long awaited, Daddy Daughter Dance

First Look

Blair & Chris went to their first, long awaited Father Daughter Dance last night and can't get over the few pictures I took before they left! Blair was sooo excited ever since she knew they were going and kept asking every day if that day was the day. I wish I had a protographer with them at the dance because Chris reported that it was in fact the best night of her life so far and that she was a dancing queen, and that she didn't want to leave when it was over (an hour past her bedtime), and that she made him stay until they were the last ones out, closing the place down. I also heard stories of her double fisting ice cream, being thrown up in the air during every chorus of 'baby you're a firework', and Chris serenading her with 'My Girl'. 💖

1 comment:

  1. This is the cutest ;) I saw a little video like this on FB. Hope he keeps it up every year.


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