Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nowvel Photo Book Giveaway!!

Just received our photo book from our Florida vacation from Nowvel and love it so much!!! I am so excited to offer one of you lucky guys a chance to win your own today!!
Unlike other online photo books this is an actual app on your phone that you can literally just select photos from your camera roll to be placed in the album. So it doesn't take up all your hard drive storage on your computer AND you don't have to transfer photos to your computer!! Every mom's worst inconvenience;) I take SO many pictures of my kids and have so many photos on my phone, which then just get transferred to my hard drive, and I feel like so many gorgeous photos ultimately just get lost in a digital heap or icloud somewhere up there. And creating a photo book felt like making a scrapbook - it would take legit weeks for me to complete and I would stress about making it perfect, agonizing over the correct placement and order of each and every photo.
Now, with Nowvel, this is completely different, and SO AMAZING! It is literally the easiest thing to do now - their software picks and groups your personally selected photos from facebook or your iPhone and automatically generates them into a photo book FOR you. - but don't worry you Type-A personalities, you can still move around, edit, crop all you want, they just make it about a gajillion times easier on you already time-pressed mamas.
They have some super cute cover styles to choose from, it was really hard to pick which one to go with, but I opted for the tropical lime green 'hello' script because it went so well the overall color scheme of my photos. 
And the quality of their books are top notch - their books are printed with super thick, stiff paper stock that lays completely flat when open. They can showcase a single photo across both pages and their books cost $20 flat. Here are a few of my favorite pages from our book:
I know that was a lot, but I literally love every single page so much. The finished product shocked me with how good it came out - Every photo was perfectly placed and the resolution of all the images came out looking like I used a high tech camera. We will definitely be using this app to make photo books for family events, parties, and gifts for others. Speaking of gifts- this would make a great personal Mother's Day gift!
How To Enter:
Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what kind of photobook you would make if you win!!
Please leave your email address on your comment so I know how to contact you if you're the lucky winner!

And if you don't win this giveaway, fret not! You can use promo code "CORNER" for $5 off your order. 
This giveaway and promo code will expire on 4/26/16. Winner will be chosen at random and emailed with the email they provide in the comment. Good luck!!!


  1. I would make one for my mother in law for Mother's Day! I LOVE your blog and totally am going to download this app.

  2. No doubt about it, I would make a great book about all our wonderful trip to Hawaii. Or maybe about our wonderful neighbors!

  3. So cute! I would totally make one for my daughter's first birthday!

  4. I need one for our first family trip to Disney this month!

  5. I think Nowvel books are the best thing going. The app helps artists, photographers, and everyone else get their favorite images off their phones into a beautiful, high quality book. The price is so reasonable anyone can do this!


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