Friday, July 29, 2016

Hospital Bag Checklist!

Holy batman I can't believe baby is ALMOST here!! We're in the final 3 week countdown, and most importantly made it to the 37-week mark, making baby full term and chances of complications from a premature birth are behind us. As of Tuesday, I'm 2 cm dilated and baby's head is down. I've been going crazy nesting and organizing and cleaning and just basically being insane around the house, making sure everything is as my crazy hormonal self needs it to be before we bring this baby home. Which is actually a really good thing considering how fat, tired, sick & lazy I've been this entire pregnancy.
Chris deserves some type of honor for loving me through psychowife status the past few weeks and has been home much more lately to help with the kids and around the house. He took them out the other day and I packed our hospital bags (shit's getting real!) and I decided to throw up this checklist in case you need to pack one for yourself, considering myself an expert now.

For Baby:
- Going Home outfit - for me this includes our new Freshly Picked moccasins, as well as comfy clothes that won't bother the umbilical cord stump.
- Cute & comfy baby beanie to keep baby's head warm (love ours from Infanteenie Beenie)
- Nattursutten newborn baby pacifier
- swaddle blankets - they have these and will give you these at the hospital, but I'm packing some of our own organic, unbleached muslin swaddle wraps.

For Mom:
- Insurance card/ID/wallet
- Pre-registration hospital documents (if you didn't do online)
- Cord Blood Kit if storing your baby's cord blood or otherwise donating.
- Pillow and/or blanket. I remember the IV and epidural made me freezing, shaking cold when I was in labor with Blair and it was really comforting and nice to have a soft plush blanket from home to have with me. If you do bring a pillow or blanket, make sure it's nothing you don't mind getting ruined.
- Bathrobe (Love this one from Jessica Simpson I got at Macy's Maternity section - it's stretchy and thin and perfect for nursing, and so, so comfy, and makes you feel a little less gross and a little more sweet and romantic with the soft pink lace shoulder cut outs)
- slippers and/or flip flops
- cell phone and charger
- eyeglasses and contacts
- deodorant
- toothbrush & toothpaste
- hairbrush & elastics
- Going Home outfit - remember you will still look about 6 months pregnant when leaving the hospital, so either pack one of your maternity outfits, a comfy maxi dress, or  yoga pants & a large top
- My dewdrop diffuser and some special oils to diffuse during L&D: Valor and Peace & Calming)
- My labor playlist. I never did this with Landon or Blair, but as I'm really hoping to have a natural pregnancy this time around I'm doing some things a little differently with music and essential oils. My playlist currently consists of some of my favorite Christian songs, because I know I'm gonna need Jesus to get me through this. Currently:
David Crowder, "Here's My Heart"
All Sons & Daughters, "Oh How I Need You"
Kristine DiMarco, "It Is Well"
Switchfoot, "Your Love is a Song"
Lifehouse, "Everything"
Rufus Wainwright, "Hallelujah"
Amanda Cook, "You Make Me Brave"
Michael Smith, "You Won't Let Go"
Francesca Battistelli, "Holy Spirit"
Switchfoot, "Always Yours"

In the past I always over-packed for myself and baby but ultimately the hospital really has everything you truly need - granny panties, pads, breast pump, diapers, pacis, bottles, swaddles, lansinoh, and you really don't need to pack nearly as much as you think.

What'd I miss? What's a must in your hospital bag? I'd love to hear it, leave a comment below!!


  1. Good list! We also brought snacks and a homemade meal for afterwards, but I guess most hospitals don't allow moms in labor to snack? I delivered in a birth center. Not sure what you meant by "natural pregnancy", but I had a natural birth and will do it again & again the same. Sending you good vibes!

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