Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life, Loss & God's Grace

Despite the hardships of this pregnancy, I was reminded today how graced I am to be carrying this little life inside of me. 
Having gone through two miscarriages of my own after Landon I am aware of the type of pain you can feel ripped in your heart when you've lost a baby. I've been there and I've felt that aching feeling too and I want you all to know that you're not alone and that God is STILL at work. No matter how hopeless and aching that feeling may feel I can tell you firsthand that His plan is always, always better than ours. All you mamas out there who have suffered a miscarriage, an infant loss, or troubles conceiving, my heart is with you and I'm so sorry. But hold onto God and turn it over to Him because when you surrender it all over to Him, He will always be faithful and He is the ONLY one who can grant you your heart's desires. 
It may not look like you had originally planned but in the end, it will be exactly what you wanted and more importantly you will be prepared to live it in the most beautiful way. All that I am and everything and everyone I have in my life I owe completely to the love, peace, and promise I receive from my faith. 
I take none of this for granted, and I pray that if you're aching, that you can find the glimmer of faith and hope in your heart and just keep holding on, because He won't let you down. 

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