Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Blair's Big Girl Room!

I can't believe I'm finally posting this after hoarding having all this big girl furniture for her since she was a little baby. As you may know, Blair didn't once use or sleep in her nursery for a year and a half as we nursed and co-slept for forever. So I've been excited about her 'big girl' room because I knew that she would actually be in it and it would truly become hers, forever. Almost all of the furniture we received from some very generous friends of ours, whose daughter had outgrown. It is all solid wood and painted by hand and I absolutely adore the ethereal, unique, & natural feel to it. I scored the Jenny Lind bed on Craigslist for $200, in great condition and in the off-white color that had been discontinued(!) All sources for everything else are linked up at the bottom of the post.

Paint: Sherwin Williams 'Antique White'
Rug: RugsUSA
Bed: The Land of Nod
Basket: Tuesday Morning
Bed Sheets: Tuesday Morning
Quilt: Handed down 
Woven Wall Hanging: Fernwen Supply Co
Couch: Pottery Barn Kids
The Sweet Life wall hanging/hook: (no longer available) but Pottery Barn
Dream Catcher: Boho Nest
Happy Cloud Pillows: OhNoRachio
Elephant print: Oana Befort
Heart shelf: Handed down
Knit Mermaid: Bla Bla Kids
Curtains: Target
Curtain Rods: The Home Depot
Anything I didn't list you are interested in? Shoot me an email at :)


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