Saturday, September 17, 2016

A thankful heart

Words can't express how full and grateful my heart has been the past 4 weeks. 
My mom and dad each flew in from Boston separately for a combined 4 weeks to be here to help as our new baby arrived and with Landon and Blair. Having my parents here for the first time while I was in labor and immediately postpartum has been a time with them that I will never forget. To bringing me flowers in the hospital the morning after Havana was born and tying 'it's a girl' baby balloons around our mailbox for us to come home to, to ALL the cooking, cleaning, house work, yard work, errands, homework, bus stops, mounds of laundry, bed making, grocery shopping, meal prepping, and having an extra set of hands and eyes and ears to love on me & my kiddos.
And Chris. On top of being the sole provider for our now family of 5, he's made sure Landon and Blair have been getting special one-on-one (deeply coveted) 'papa time' and has taken them for all sorts of fun little outings when I've been tied up at home cluster nursing and so that I can enjoy some quiet cuddle time with our last newborn. 
I'm so grateful for everything he does for us and for how much and how well he loves me and these kids. It is 100% selfless, bold, thoughtful, patient, pure Love.
And I will never forget the village of women and mothers who have stepped in and dropped off meals and took Landon and Blair over their homes for play dates. In all three kids, this is the first time ever bringing a newborn home within a church community and neighborhood community that I actually feel woven into and a part of and cared for by people who aren't expecting anything at all in return. I have been so deeply touched by all the people around me who have graced me in some way with their presence, prayers, sweet gifts, and thoughtful gestures. 
& I'm especially thankful to God, for giving us this sweet baby girl, for this life and especially this season of it right now. Best one yet. 

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