Thursday, October 6, 2016

Shop for a Purpose! Jacana Kids Clothing

SO in love with this new Australian children's clothing company, Jacana Kids. Not only do they offer super cute, top quality kid's clothes, but they contribute to early education services that help young children with developmental disabilities.
When Landon was a toddler he had a pretty bad speech delay and we received tremendous help through early intervention services for him from age 2-4. I've seen first hand what having extra support by trained professionals can do and we are so grateful to live in an area where this was given to us free of cost. Research shows that support during the early years of childhood dramatically improves outcomes for children with any sort of speech or behavioral disability or delay, and many families live in areas of the world where they have to pay privately to get this type of support for their child.
Every year Jacana Kids donates 50% of its profits to a chosen organization. This year they chose Yooralla, a company committed to supporting children with disabilities and helping them lead a life full of confidence and independence.
Their clothing not only supports a great cause, but it is really durable quality, which I really appreciate since my kids' clothes always get run through the mill. I especially love the thickness and soft feel of their hoodies, and have one for each of my kids in different prints for these chilly fall days. Each Jacana Kids garment is hand drawn by a young child and all their prints are so cute! You can even submit your child's own drawing here. I especially love how all their items are in neutral colors because they really go with everything and are so easy to mix & match with items you already have.
Landon is here wearing this Alphabetie Tee and Skateboard Star hoodie, drawn and named by Maddox, a 5 year old boy, and Blair Bears is rocking out their Winter Raindrops Tee, drawn and named by Nyah, age 13.
I'm also in love with their Halloween Collection right now, especially love this mummy shirt and this tribe of mummies shirt.
I'm so glad I got to share this company with you guys and hope you think of them when doing some fall & Christmas shopping of your own! And go ahead and type in promo code MUMMASCORNER for 10% off your order!!

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