Saturday, October 14, 2017

A fun craft to do with your kids!

Here’s the thing with crafting, I LOVE crafting. But when it comes to crafting with my kids, it can take me on a straight, one way ticket to CRAZY TOWN. For reals, like I just want to micro manage how they’re doing it, I want to take over and show them how to just do it so that it comes out better. And one of mine in particular needs to do everything herself, her way. And she’s SUPER messy. And there I go to craaaazzzy town. But enter Stencil Revolution, there is seriously finally a FUN and really cute outcome craft to do with your kids! Literally they can have full range, complete power over their project and they still come out really good. They’re quick to do, don’t involve many steps and they really don’t require any adult help. They have SO many cute stencil designs to choose from (you can even submit a custom design for them to make into a stencil) and they are all washable andmade out of a re-usable and durable mylar material. We chose a Chicago Skyline and a mermaid, and I think if I were to get more I'd do this world map, and also this honeycomb. so cute. And so happy to have these on this rainy day and very excited to frame and hang in their bedrooms :)


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Family Photos!

We got our family photos taken in August by the super talented Emily Hernandez and absolutely love love love how they came out. Emily was so wonderful to work with and literally got soooo many good photos of ALL of us (rare for a family of 5!) We did them at the Fox River Preserve and Marina, about a mile from our house. The backdrop there was so gorgeous and would highly recommend both Emily and the marina if you are in the Barrington area! Here's just SOME of our favorites!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

East Coast Tour Stop 1: Hamptons

Just some pics from our massive summer road trip. First stop was the Hamptons visiting some college girlfriends and their kids:

For all those who asked, my palm bathing suit :)

Brown's Bay

Pics from a day out on the boat with another college girlfriend and her husband. Took the boat out to Brown's Bay....a giant sandbar/island that appears during low tide and disappears as magically as it arrived once it turns high tide. Awesome day.

I got about a zillion questions about this suit, you''ll be pleasantly surprised, here's the link ;)
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