best man I know on Father Day

Today is not only the day for us to celebrate Fatherhood – It also happens to be the one year anniversary of Aziz becoming a father.

I always knew Aziz was going to be an amazing dad. I could tell this even when we first started dating because of the way he treated me. He was sensitive, caring, sweet, funny, active, protective, and he possessed such strong morals and sense of character that I looked up to and sincerely admired. Even in our early dating days, we would talk excitedly about building a family together. But none of those preconceived ideas or dreams even cast a shadow on the life we have now.

When Lelya was born, my love for Aziz somehow reached a deeper level. I would always hear people say that having a baby will put stress on and strain your marriage. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth – We grew even closer than we ever were before through Lelya, and our relationship got even better. All I can say is that watching the man you love interact with and care for your child fills your heart with a type of love and joy that is truly indescribable, and I am so proud and blessed that this man is my husband and that I get to spend every day of the rest of my life with him.

This year, Aziz has undoubtedly been consumed with the launch of his company, Mo Yachts. He has been working extremely hard at bringing Mo Yachts to success, and a lot has been riding on his shoulders. I know all he wants to do is be able to retire early, move to a warm-weathered climate, and spend all his days with me and Lelya & any other little rugrats we make. I know that it pains him to wake up every morning and be out the door and sometimes come home when we are both sound asleep. But I know he doesn’t work to get away from home – he works to have a home. He provides for our family and does this work to allow me the joy, satisfaction, & ability to raise our daughter.

Even with his crazy work schedule, he never complains when I ask him to help me out with Lelya. He has so much fun hanging out with that little girl & Honeybunny is always SO happy and laughs like a crazy baby whenever she sees him. (I am a little jealous of this). Even with coming home past midnight or working at his computer until 4 am, every morning around 6:00 I bring Honeybunny into the bedroom to say good morning & Aziz will wake right up with his gorgeous smile and gives us both a kiss, and he is happy to start his day all over again.

I simply could not have imagined a better father to my children than him. Lelya doesn’t realize it yet, but she really is the luckiest little girl to have such an awesome dad. I know that she will grow up and look up to him for everything. He is the most self-sacrificial person I have ever known, the most beautiful person I have ever met, outside and in, and every day I thank God for bringing him into my life.

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