The Adventures of Lelya Aziz

Well, the days of having a sweet, swaddled baby are long gone. I now officially have a babbling, energetic, mobile toddler.

Though not walking just yet, we're incredibly close. She handles her little lawnmower and train toys quite well, and when she holds onto your hands, she eagerly takes steps. As of yesterday, she even walked alongside us, clutching on with just one hand. She's surprisingly speedy for having such tiny legs, and all she wants to do is zoom around the apartment with her toys. I'm grateful we live near the park, as we spend many evenings there attempting to tire her out.

Much like her mother, she's a total thrill-seeker. She adores being tossed in the air, engaging in playful wrestling, getting spun around, jumping into pools, being flipped upside down by her feet, and having pillow fights.

She's got her four top teeth and four bottom teeth fully in (with an adorable gap between her top two), and her bottom left molar is already in, while the others are gradually coming through. This is the first time I've noticed her experiencing discomfort due to teething, and for the past three weeks, my sleep has been rather sparse. I know I shouldn't complain; I had an angel baby who slept through the night from 5 months to 1 year... but still, a tired momma is a cranky momma :/

Just a sneak peek into the adventures of my lively little toddler.

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