What's in my bag

my baby bag was my “push present”, and not technically a baby bag, but it works perfectly! with two inside pouches, a zipper shut, and cleans easily through the wash 🙂

These “What’s in my Baby Bag” posts have been sweeping mommy & daddy blogger sites as of late and I actually get a lot of questions as to the contents of my baby bag so thought I’d join the band wagon and share. Of course when Landon was a newbie I carried around more stuff (formula, water, my pump, more diapers and wipes) but we really don’t carry as much now. Minus the wipes and drink bottle, I emptied out today’s contents below:

From top left clockwise:

1. 2 Rumparooz cloth diapers (Everything Birth)

2. Pickles Bamboo baby blanket (gifted from landon’s godmother Meaghan)

3. Landon’s Immunization log and copy of birth certificate (I always keep these in here for when we travel)

4. extra pacifier

5. London Fog jacket (TJ Maxx)

6. extra outfit

7. animal crackers 100 calorie pack

8. Sophie the Giraffe

9. the beloved sock monkey

10. Cars

11. bubbles

12. my old iphone

13. disposable bibs for on-the-go

14. my favorite Prada sunglasses

15. Flip video camera

16. digital camera

17. Burts Bees tinted lip balm

18. Sweet ‘N Salty meal bar

19. Umbrella (Zara)20. Toiletry bag with the following contents:
Boogie Wipes
band aids
alcohol spray
hand sanitizer
nose bulb
Little Noses nose saline spray/drops
Johnson’s travel sized shampoo
Eucerin travel wash
Johnson’s travel moisturizing lotion
hair elastic

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